Telephone number service

Our Virtual telephone numbers package is most typically used by startup companies or sole traders who want to obtain a local number for their customers to call. With all packages, you get a single UK telephone number in any area code that you choose, which you can forward the calls to a landline or mobile phone.

  • Tel numbers  £10 per month + divert / call charges.
  • Summary of call charges to UK destinations (diverted calls to a landline or mobile phone)
  • Destination : UK landlines (01,02,03)  3p  |  UK mobiles  11p                  
  • Other destinations on request
  • Voicemail (FREE)
  • Voicemail to email (FREE)

Messaging while routing
With our numbers, you can take advantage of the ability to upload an introductory audio message to play to your callers prior to a call being connected. Doing so gives your caller the reassurance that they've called the right number and that they're dealing with a reputable company.
If you choose, you can also configure music to play while they are waiting for their call to be answered: all the time adding to your professional image.

These prices may be subject to UK VAT @ 20%. Whether you are liable or exempt is dependent on your actual location and account type

Numbers available

  •  0333 210
  •  0333 444
  •  Geographic - example Poole 01202 or London 020 7100

To order please can you confirm

  •  UK Postbox Client ID number
  •  Telephone number type
  •  Divert to number (mobile/landline)
  •  If you want to upload a greeting or voicemail message, please record and send to us as .mp3 or .wav format.


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