Scan Remaining Pages

Under the default settings in your account you are able to set the maximum amount of pages to scan at anytime, when you request open and scan we will scan the amount of pages you have set in your default settings. If a letter contains more pages than stipulated in your default settings you can request for us to scan the remaining pages from the item controls in your inbox. This action is only available after you have processed the initial open and scan, here’s how to do it:

  1. Login to your account.

  2. Select “Inbox”.

  3. Find and select the mail item that you would like to have the remaining pages scanned for.

  4. Above the thumbnail of the original contents scan select the option to “Scan Remaining Pages”.

  5. The mail item will then move from you “Inbox” to your “Pending” folder until the scan request action is processed by our mailroom team.

  6. You will receive an email to notify you that the action has been completed.
    The item will move back to the “Inbox” for you to then select and view.

Note: When requesting to complete the scan remaining pages action we will scan all remaining pages. For example, if a document has 5 pages and your initial scan was set to 1 page, the remaining pages action will scan the final 4 pages of your letter.

If you only require a certain number of the remaining pages to be scanned, send a message to the mailroom with your custom request. You can do this by selecting the “Message” button above the thumbnail of your item.

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