Digital Store

Once you have scanned the pages of a letter you can store it digitally in our platform and destroy the physical copy. Make sure you have scanned all the pages as once you digitally store an item the physical copy will no longer be available to scan in the future. Here’s how to complete this action:

  1. Login to your account.

  2. Select “Inbox”.

  3. Find and select the mail item which you wish to digitally store.

  4. Above the thumbnail of the contents scan select the “Digital Store” option. Digital store is only available if you have requested an open and scan for your item.

  5. When asked to confirm you wish to proceed, select “Yes” or “No”. (Please read the notes below about what this action completes).

  6. Selecting “Yes” will move the mail item from your “Inbox” to the “Pending” folder until the action has been processed by the mailroom.

  7. Once complete, the item will move to your “Digital Store” folder and the physical copy destroyed.

Important Note:
When you digitally store an item the physical item will be destroyed by shredding.

Be aware that only pages you have already requested to be scanned will be available in the digital copy.  Any pages you have not requested to be scanned prior to digitally storing the item will be shredded and not available to scan at a later date.

Ensure you have requested for all the required pages to be scanned before requesting to digitally store your item.


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