Pseudonym, Alias & Variations of Names

Pseudonym - A name someone uses instead of their real name
Example: An Author - George Orwell was a pseudonym - his real name was Eric Blair.

Alias - A false name that someone is known by

Variation of Name - Used by international customers as an English version of their name.

In order to add a pseudonym, alias or variation of name to your account we are required to show due-diligence when adding this name to ensure that it is linked to you and is not a separate individual.

Here are some ways in which we can do this:

  • Business Card
  • Social Media Profiles when a selfie image has been supplied and verified.
  • Website Linked to you
  • Authors - Book showing image of you and your associated alias/pseudonym when a selfie image has been supplied and verified
  • Photo ID Documents which show your alias/pseudonym/variation of name and a link to your registered address using your selfie image

If we are unable to link your alias/pseudonym or variation of name to you we may not be able to add it as an additional name on your account.  

Please contact us if you are having any problems providing associated documents.  Our verification team has the right to refuse to add names if suitable documents cannot be supplied.

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