Send Mail - In simple terms, how does it work?

UK Postbox online postage service lets you quickly and securely write and send letters from within the UK. Simply upload your letters and we’ll print and send on your behalf.  If you’re overseas and need important letters delivered to the UK or you're UK based and want to take the hassle out of sending mail UK Postbox can help.

1. Write your letter and save as PDF file.
2. Log In to your UK Postbox account.
3. Select Send Mail
4. Upload the PDF file
4. Enter the letters postal destination
5. Select the required postage option
6. Click Send

That's it, we will do the rest.  You will need to ensure you have enough balance on your account to pay for the send before it will be dispatched.  Our mailroom will notify you if you need to top up.

How To Video | Sending Mail Online

For clients and businesses who have large volume send requirements please contact us to discuss.

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