Can I use UK Postbox for my Director's Service address to avoid my home address being listed.

Yes, director's Service Addresses are listed on public record, so if you want to maintain privacy at home or work we’d recommend using a service like ours.

We can use the Poole Prime street address for Directors service address plus other services. 

  • Correspondence address
  • Business Trading address
  • Registered office address
  • Directors service address
  • Royal Mail redirect address
  • Online shopping
  • Customers returns
  • Fulfilment and dropshipping

The address does not require you to used a client ID number so a perfect solution for both personal and business clients. 

​Billed Monthly - £10.00
Billed Annually (two months free, save 16%) - £100.00

​These prices exclude UK VAT @ 20%. Whether you are liable or exempt is dependant on your actual location, account type and VAT status.

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