What type of people use UK Postbox services?

UK Postbox offers PO Box and street addresses - services that are ideal for people who travel a lot, have holiday homes in the UK or abroad, expats living abroad, internet shopping from outside the UK, people who want a fixed permanent address for life regardless how many times they move and for those who want to move to the future, today and read their post mail the same way as their email. 

Businesses benefit from their own online mailroom increasing productivity, streamlining staffing and reducing costs without large capital expenditure. In today’s tough and competitive marketplace it is important to make sure all business keep costs down, productivity up and customer communications effective.

E-Retailers use our fulfilment services as we make it easy for them to promote and sell their products in the EU: They sell, we store, select and ship for them.. We provide a fast and efficient order fulfilment service especially for start-ups or small to medium-sized businesses. Whether they're just starting out or are already a successful and established retailer, we can help you grow their business and ensure customer orders are dispatched on time, every time – leaving them free to focus on your core business to ensure that it achieves its full potential.

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