Letters - In simple terms, how does it work?

UK Postbox gives you an online mailing address with total remote control from anywhere in the world. You have full control of your postal mail through a secure online account and you can manage your mail in real time, both sending and receiving without any delays. You can view, recycle, shred or forward your mail at the click of a button.

1. Mail is delivered into our secure mailing facility.
2. All mail is sorted, barcoded and input into our computerised automated system. From this point we know where every item is and so do you through your online account.
3. Envelopes are scanned and uploaded to your secure UK Postbox online account.
4. You decide what action to be taken next, well it is your post

Scanned – The envelope is opened and the contents are scanned into a PDF document. This is then uploaded to your online account where you can read, save or print out

Recycled – Help save the planet and yourself time by discarding unwanted mail by the click of a mouse

Shredded – Destroy any sensitive information, safeguarding your security at no extra cost

Forward On – Whether opened and view online or not you can forward any item to anywhere in the world, you are in total control.

Envelopes are only opened by our security cleared staff when you request to have an item scanned for viewing in your online account. Items that you have requested to just be shredded or recycled will never be opened.

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